Inspired Peace?

I ran across a Facebook post this week from one of my dear and long-time friends regarding the atrocities surrounding the Israel-Palestine conflict.  In her post, she was asking if anyone was going to stop the conflicts, how we (the world) could let it continue, how could peace be reached?

The conversation that ensued was emotionally charged and diverse.  Some posts touched on people’s sadness, some on anger, frustration.  Some people pointed their fingers at the media, big business, politics, government, and of course the big two, money and power.  Some posts insisted not enough is being done, some said we should take the power back by refusing the system and boycotting America.

Others took sides.

Some ventured that a world without class would create equality and peace.  Others had no idea what to do but felt we had a moral obligation to do something, anything.

I wasn’t sure.  Maybe a little of all of it.  But how?

How can we effectively create change?  How can we take our power back?  See equality universally?  Help others in peril?  Inspire peace?

So I meditated on it.

The answer that came gave me pause…the answer was, that God, (Source, Universe, Light) lives in us, as us, for our unique experience.

We are not here to feel perfection, that is where we originated from, and where we will return.  We are here to experience.  And that experience can be good or bad, pain or joy, love or loss, persecution or acceptance, and probably, hopefully, all of that, and more.

Not to say that we should not take action, or become complacent.  Far from it.  But we are here to experience so we must accept that first.  Accept ourselves and our experiences.  Accept others and their experiences.  Whether we agree with them or not.

Not to choose sides.  To experience.

In fact, the side we do not agree with is the side that begs for our attention the most.  And not to say that those actions we don’t agree with are right or ok, but that as a part of taking action toward change, we must first accept and experience what is.

We must accept and love ourselves first.

As hard as that can be, and trust me, I know it’s hard!  If we don’t have peace and love within and for ourselves, then how can we help others?

We can take action, of course, but when that action is a reaction instead of coming from a source of love, peace and our God within, how can that action be inspired?  How can we give if we don’t have that which we want to give within ourselves first?  And isn’t inspired action what we are looking for?  The type of action that will create change?

We must have patience.

Whoa!  This is a tough one!  Maybe even harder than loving ourselves.  I always want to BE in the future I desire NOW!  But patience is understanding that all is happening as it should, when it should, and trusting in that and our Universe.  That the student must be ready for the lesson or it will not be learned.  And that patience creates the space for transformation.

They depend on one another.  They are inextricably tied.

Does any of that solve conflict?  No.

Does it give us some perspective and a place to start from?  I think so.  Does our own peace and acceptance create a higher universal vibration?  A place to find and connect with something bigger than us?  A sort of infectious universal desire?  I believe it does.

What I do know for sure though, is that when I surround myself with people who are in tune with God within, I am inspired to connect as well.

To ask better questions.

In turn, I hope to be that inspiration for others.  So that the ripples continue to grow, to travel.

If we got to a place where more people were taking action from this point of divinity, all over the world, what kind of change would that generate?  Where would the power lie?  How would we see others?  Would that inspire peace?




8 thoughts on “Inspired Peace?

  1. amygavartin says:

    Gorgeous! Simply Gorgeous! You are a beautiful soul. I needed this today. I miss you my beautiful friend. Thank you for writing such a profound and yet simple solution. You are 1000% correct. It always starts from within. Love you girl!


    • Thank you Amy! I am blessed to have you in my life and have you to thank for so many realizations! Thank you for your comment. It means so much to me and I’m happy that you agree and that it resonated with you. Love you too!


  2. Such wisdom and tuth in these words. We are here to have a human experience including the ugly and sad as well as the beautiful and happy, not that we turn our back on suffering, but strive to understand it fully, and only by doing so then can we choose to live differently, and when enough do finally a tipping point will be reached.


  3. nilatravels says:

    Well said! Inspired action is where it’s at. I love the questions you pose here…if only world leaders thought along these lines!


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